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What We Do

  • Industry 4.0 and IOT


  • Industrial Automation Software Development


  • Panel Building


  • World Class Product Distribution


Industry We Serve

The services we provide like automation solutions, Digitalization and IoT are the primitive needs of every industry at this time. In one form or another, these are required by all. But the most prominent ones are process and manufacturing industries. Our series of products and the special services are designed to enhance the efficiency and ROI of overall unit or the process; and for the purpose we are partnered by several big names and large corporate houses like Siemens, LAPP etc. Boiler, Water Treatment, Robotics & Integration, Mechatronics, Oil & Gas, HVAC, Energy, are some of the major industries assisted by our technology.

Food And Beverage


Robotics & Integration

Clean renewable energy

Energy & Power

Pharmaceutical & Life Science

Material Handling & Logistic

Oil And GAS

Boiler: Heating & Colling

Water And Waste Water Treatment



Know About Intact

Initiating the operations in the year 2010, Intact automation has procured a prominent presence in the Indian industries for its quality services and the trait of delivering the promises. The own growth coupled with the acquisition of efficient service providers of the field has now established Intact Automation as a major system integrator. Here, our first priority is to make sure that esteemed clients receive the most optimized solution for their specific needs.
Intact Automation is a team of highly skilled and experienced engineers ensuring excellence in all the endeavors. Being backed by the best brains from management bolsters the overall project execution here. The multi-disciplinary expertise and proficiency in all kinds of projects enables us to provide the best solution for a particular need and to make the engagement an amazing experience for the client.
All the attributes has established Intact Automation as a renowned name with reputation of delivering the expectations- timely and economically.

Know Intact

Our Products

Industrial Automation

Process Control System

Power Supply

Control & Monitoring System

PC Based Automation

Industrial Software

Industrial Communication

Identification & Locating System

DC Converter: 6RA80






Servo: S210


Power Product

Control Product











Our profesional services for all kind of Automation Industry

Intact automation is the title interpreting our deep rooted ideology of keeping the promises and expectations, intact! A prominent name in the field of system integration and automation services, proudly possess a multi-faceted expertise in diverse disciplines. This makes us develop the technology required by any industry for any unit, on us own and timely deliver the solution as promised. With our specially developed products and the services required for industrial automation, we are pioneering the 4th phase of industrial revolution in India. Engineering designs, Industrial automation and Commissioning of the panels are the specialties of Intact Automation.

Engineer Deputation: Long & Short Term

Intact Automation provides professional deputation services to Indian industries according to their requirements. We have a multi-disciplinary team of qualified experts who are capable of executing the most sophisticated automation projects..

Industrial Automation development Development

Intact Automation specialises in software development for a wide range of industries and technology platforms. Automation controllers such as PLCs, DCS, HMI, SCADA, Batch, Robotics, and Drives are programmed by our team of experts. Interfacing production lines with intelligent systems, such as recipe management systems, reporting, and productivity monitoring systems, such as Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems, is one of our industrial engineering services.

EPLAN Engineering Services

Customers can choose from a variety of solutions to meet their electrical engineering needs, all of which provide greater flexibility and unique functionality. Depending on the requirement of our customers, we offer design and drafting services both on-site and in-house.

Retrofit & Modernization

Systems and the components developed for automating the units are fabricated in a way to be installed directly in the prevailing system and the previous panels and systems are upgraded to support industry 4.0.

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