King of Automation World : Intact Automation

Owning a business is something that needs to be managed at every step with due care. You not only have to manage the operations but the people and the market too. Well, running a business to its optimum level is certainly not a one man’s play. If you want every stage of your business to run smoothly and enjoy the expected outcomes, you need a team of expertise at every stage. Actually, a rational businessman would not take a decision to hire an expertise to manage his every segment of business. That is the reason why much of the critical management task is been outsourced. Here, comes the role of what is termed as Service Providers. The role of service providers is indispensable from today’s businesses. Businesses require the help of service providers to get their tasks done in less time and that too with zero error.

Pune city in Maharashtra has witnessed a rapid growth in business from the last decade and is still growing. The number of industrial hubs in Pune includes the Hinjewadi, Chakan, Moshi, Pirangut, etc. As a result, the number of service providers also has increased to help these businesses run and grow. Mostly businesses prefer those service providers that will manage their many tasks at a time, i.e., a single service provider who will manage so many tasks of the business. This enhances confidentiality and loyalty. There are many such service providers that are expert in managing many tasks of a business.

Gone are the days when businesses used to depend on manpower and then have to tackle with frequent man made errors. The 21st century has transformed ordinary businesses to automated businesses with the help of innovative technology and engineered automations. Automationhas been seen today in almost every type of business that includes Food and Beverages, Chemical, Energy and Power, Boiler and Chiller, Pharmaceuticals, Cement, and the list goes on. Mostly, these industries employ factory automation, process automation, energy management, etc.

automation industry in pune

Among the many automation industries in Pune, Intact Automation is one such renowned automation industry that has expertise in automation. Intact Automation has been serving businesses in five major cities in India that include Pune, Aurangabad, Indore, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Bangalore. They deal with all types of services starting from PLC system designing to engineering drawing. Moreover, they provide onsite assistance in cases of breakdown.

During the production processes, the operating equipment’s and machineries work on control systems and feedback control systems. These systems are in use today in factories, boilers and heat treating ovens, switching on telephone networks, steering and stabilization of ships, aircraft, etc. Automated can be done by a number of ways like mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical, electronic devices and computers, and many times in combination. Usually, modern factories, airplanes and ships are considered complex and they all use these combined techniques.

However, one may wonder why industrial automation is necessary? Just to increase the speed of the process? Well, here are the highlights of using automation in industries :

1. Low cost :

The most important advantage is the cost minimization. Using automation, businesses get rid of the healthcare costs, the leaves of workers and also eliminate the potential accidents occurring from the use of huge machineries and equipments. Obviously, if the worker is removed from the process, there will be no cost of his bonus, PF, pension, etc.

2. Increased productivity :

This advantage of automation can be ascertained easily since the number of cycles of production a machine can undertake will obviously be more than the one undertaken by any human. Moreover, automated systems work 24×7 around the year.

3. Increased accuracy :

Automated systems eliminate human errors and thus provide accuracy. The data accuracy is also improved and so tends to be reliable.

4. Increased quality :

No business can compromise on its product quality and so to ensure quality of the product, automation is preferred.

5. Increased safety :

Various industries may involve handling of hazardous, flammable chemicals which are considered to be unsafe. Since human intervention is eliminated, handling such chemicals and relevant substances increases the safety of the operator and overall safety of the industry.

Thus, for these and for many other reasons, industries today are increasing relying on automation. All sorts of automation and related services are provided by Intact Automation which has been playing a vital role in satisfying over 500 industries in Pune. Intact Automation, as their tag line says, they truly frame the future of automation world.