Industry 4.0 and IOT

Operational excellence starts with understanding and analyzing plant data of our customers, for which we need to collect, store, conceptualize, and visualize real time information. Because availability of the right information to the right people at the right time enables the right decision.
We have expertise in automation solutions and greater insights of shop floor layer. We deliver customer specific reporting solutions for plant data on tools right from MS Excel, Historian, PDF, Crystal report, BI tool and on desktop / Intranet / Internet or Mobile. Our solutions also meet 21CFR Part 11 compliance requirements.
We provide Innovative Solutions for Industry 4.0 with IIoT, MES, and Mobility solutions to increase Industrial Efficiency with a mix of homegrown and market leading third- party products.
We provide an amalgamation of different technologies like Big Data, Sensor Data, M2M Communication, and Automation in the industrial backdrop providing benefits like:

  • Asset/Resource Optimization
  • Behavioral and Component Level Modeling
  • Predictive & Proactive maintenance
  • Real-Time Monitoring
  • Remote Diagnosis